Before renting a car with Cubatur-Havanautos, please read this very important and essential annex to Booking Conditions.
Pick up:
Cubatur-Havanautos requires clients to meet the minimum age and provide:
Car Hire confirmation voucher.
Valid driver license for main driver & each additional driver.
Valid credit card or cash for insurance and deposit

All rents confirmed to be picked up at any International Airport are subject to 20.00 CUC surcharge, payable locally.

Driver’s requirements:
Client has to present the original driving licence which must be valid at the time of rental and remain valid throughout the rental period.
Minimum age of a driver is 21 years old, provided that the licence has been valid at least 2 years.
Additional Driver:
The contract covers only one driver. Each additional driver must be included in the contract at a cost of 3 CUC per day/per driver.
Fuel that you leave in the deposit won't be refunded by Cubatur-Havanautos. We suggest you to return the car with as little amount of fuel in deposit as possible.
All fuel costs are payable locally using “special” or “super” fuel that can be purchased in CUC and usually credit cards are accepted
Road Safety:
Never drive at night.
Global Positioning System:
Please note that Global Positioning System (GPS) devices are not allowed in Cuba.
Vehicle Category:
Cubatur-Havanautos confirms only car categories, and not a model.
Refundable Deposit:
When you rent a car with Cubatur-Havanautos, you must make a warranty deposit. The contract will specify how the deposit should be paid. This amount will be refunded to you at the end of the rental period if the car is returned in the same condition it was collected.
The deposit is payable locally in CUC by cash or credit card (credit cards issued by American banks are not accepted) and is:
  • 150.00 CUC for Economico category;
  • 200.00 CUC for Medio category;
  • 300.00 CUC for Medio Alto category;
  • 500.00 CUC for Lujo, Minivan, Jeep Techo Duro and Van categories.

Cubatur-Havanautos offers you a mandatory full risk insurance, which covers: car damages caused by collision or fire, partial or total theft, damages caused to third persons, damages to driver or other persons inside the vehicle.

  • 10.00 GBP for Economico and Medio categories;
  • 14.00 GBP for Medio Alto, Standard Jeep categories;
  • 20.00 GBP for Premium and Lujo category;

In some cases, insurance might be include in the price of the car hire. We will always specify if the insurance is included or payable locally and if so, at what fee.

One Way Drop Off Fee
One way drop off charges will apply with approximate costing as follows.
Pinar del Rio(PR) 15 20 40 45 50 58 65 73 76 90 100 105 100 110 118 130
Havana(H)   10 15 29 31 40 46 50 55 70 75 83 75 90 100 100
Havana City(HC)     25 35 37 45 50 55 60 75 80 90 80 100 110 120
Matanzas(MT)       20 25 30 36 45 47 60 70 75 70 85 90 100
Cienfuegos(CF)         10 15 22 30 33 45 55 60 55 70 75 85
Villa Clara(VC)           10 20 27 30 40 50 55 50 65 70 75
Sancti Spiritus(SS)             10 20 20 30 40 45 40 52 60 65
Ciego de Avila(CA)               10 15 20 30 37 30 45 50 60
Cayo Coco y
                20 32 40 46 40 55 65 70
Camagüey(CM)                   15 20 25 20 35 45 50
Las Tunas(LT)                     10 15 10 20 26 40
Holguin(HG)                       10 10 20 25 34
Playa Guardalavaca(PG)                         15 25 30 40
Granma(G)                           15 20 30
Santiago de Cuba(SC)                             10 20
Guantanamo(GT)                               10
All rents confirmed to be dropped off at any International Airport are subject to 25 CUC surcharge, payable locally.
In case of an accident/damage client must immediately report the incident to the police and obtain a complete police statement concerning the accident. Any damage must be reported to Cubatur-Havanautos within 24 hours. Insurance will not cover any damage when driving drunk or on drugs.
Breakdown vehicle assistance:
Please check that you are provided with breakdown/vehicle assistance provision and telephone numbers from Cubatur-Havanautos at the time of vehicle collection.
Return of the Vehicle:
Client has to return the car according to the agreed date, time and station.
If the vehicle returned to a different location than agreed, Cubatur-Havanautos may charge a "one way fee".
Vehicle has to be returned in the same conditions as when was rented.
If vehicle is returned with damages, Cubatur-Havanautos will charge client according to the insurance policy and rental conditions.
Additional Charges:
Loss of the key: 200.00 CUC
Key forgotten in the car (Havana): 50.00 CUC
Key forgotten in the car (outside Havana): 100.00 CUC
Car delivered dirty and animals transportation: 50.00 CUC
Car delivered by the additional driver: 50.00 CUC
Car delivered or used by a non-registered person: loss of the deposit and the remaining days
Traffic Violations:
Parking tickets and any traffic violations are the responsibility of the client. Police will write on rental agreement if fines are payable. Clients should never pay any fines on the spot. Fines are payable to Cubatur-Havanautos when car is returned.