Before renting a car with Cubatur - REX, please read this very important and essential annex to Booking Conditions.

Pick up:
Cubatur - REX requires clients to meet the minimum age and provide:
Car Hire confirmation voucher.
Valid driver license for main driver & each additional driver.
Valid credit card or cash for insurance and deposit
There is a 20.00 CUC charge payable locally when picking up a car at any International Airport.
Driver’s requirements:

Client has to present the original driving licence which must be valid at the time of rental and remain valid throughout the rental period. If the driver license from its original country is not written in Spanish or English, an international driving license have to be shown. Reservations can be used only for the person on whose name it was done. The reservations will be cancelled if clients do not show after 6 hours of the arranged pick up time.

Minimum age and experience:
Category: Economico, Medio, Standard - 21 years old, provided that the licence has been valid at least 2 years.
Category: Standard Alto, Premium, Lujo, Minivan - 21 years old, provided that the licence has been valid at least 2 years.
Category: Sport - 30 years old (Audi A4 cabriolet).
Additional Driver:
All co-drivers have to be written in the contract with a valid driver license, passport number when the vehicle is collected. Otherwise, the insurance, CDW will not cover for any damage made by the driver even though he/she can show valid driving license.
Each additional co-driver will be charged 10 CUC payable locally. Maximum 2 additional drivers are allowed per contract.

All vehicles are collected with full tank of fuel. All Cubatur - REX cars are using “super especial” which is mandatory. If the tank isn't returned full, Cubatur - REX will charge the customer the difference according to the refuelling charges which is written on the rental agreement at the rental time.

All fuel costs are payable locally using “special” or “super” fuel that can be purchased in CUC and usually credit cards are accepted.

Road Safety:
Never drive at night.
Global Positioning System:
Please note that Global Positioning System (GPS) devices are not allowed in Cuba.
Extra Equipment:
Cubatur - REX offers child seats. To guarantee that a child seat is available at the time of collecting a vehicle, this has to be requested when the reservation is made.
Vehicle Category:
Cubatur - REX Rent a Car reserves the rights to provide any vehicle within the same category depending upon availability.
For an additional daily charge Cubatur - REX offers two types of cover CDW & SUPER CDW that reduce or eliminate the customers self risk in case of an accident. Clients have to accept one of these two covers when renting a vehicle.
Economico category unlimited mileage when renting car for 3 days or more
Medio category unlimited mileage when renting car for 3 days or more
Standard category unlimited mileage when renting car for 3 days or more
Standard Alto category unlimited mileage when renting car for 3 days or more
Premium category unlimited mileage when renting car for 3 days or more
Minivan category unlimited mileage when renting car for 3 days or more
Lujo category limited mileage of 150 km per day. 1 CUC per each extra kilometre is payable locally.
Sport category limited mileage of 150 km per day. 1 CUC per each extra kilometre is payable locally.
CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)
If the rental car is damaged and the customer has accepted the CDW the coverage will cover the cost of repairs and the customer will be charged the agreed self risk of 300 CUC, excluding Sport and Lujo category that has a self risk of 500 CUC. This is known as the excess. This applies regardless of whether the client was at fault, according to rental terms written on the rental agreement.
CDW is mandatory for drivers aged 21-30, or if you are paying by cheque or cash.
Super CDW
The Super CDW is an special package Cubatur - REX offers to eliminate the self risk to 0 CUC, according to rental terms written on the rental agreement. Cubatur - REX offers Super CDW only on rentals of 3 or more days.
CDW and Super CDW insurance are payable locally, in CUC, per day:
Category CDW Super CDW
Economico 15.00 23.00
Medio 17.00 25.00
Standard 20.00 28.00
Standard Alto 22.00 30.00
Premium 25.00 33.00
Lujo 30.00 42.00
Minivan 30.00 38.00
Sport 40.00 N/A
Client will loose the amount of the Collision Damage Waiver and will pay for the damages if the car is used:
To transport persons or goods in a lucrative way.
To tow or move another vehicle or trailer without the acceptance of Cubatur - REX.
To participate in any motor sport or in a racing manner.
By anyone not listed as driver or co-driver on the contract.
To transport flammable materials or explosive
For criminal purposes
Under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, medicine, etc
Client must pay to Cubatur - REX:
For the damages caused due to the use of incorrect fuel.
All extra charges including CDW, fuel, delivery and collection fees, penalties, etc.
A responsibility up to 300.00 CUC, even when the CDW was accepted if the vehicle is damaged, excluding Sport category that has a self risk of 500 CUC
Any cost including full value of the vehicle and other damages incurred under the effects of alcohol, narcotics, medicine, etc.
A penalty of 50.00 CUC if the customer looses his copy of the rental agreement or returns the car in bad cleaning conditions.
All traffic fines written by the police in his copy of the contract.
The cost of damaged tires and wheels.
One way fee:
Cubatur - REX will charge "one way fee" if:
car is returned to a different place less than 48 hours from collection time.
drop off is in place where Cubatur - REX does not have its office.  
car return in a different place than that stated at the rental agreement without previous information to Cubatur - REX.

Approximate charges when collecting a car in Havana and drop off in places where Cubatur - REX does not have an office:

Place of Drop Off or Pick up One way fee:
Pinar del Rio (city) 160.00 CUC
Viñales 170.00 CUC
Maria La Gorda 300.00 CUC
Santa Cruz 60.00 CUC
Matanzas 50.00 CUC
Trinidad 100.00 CUC
Sancti Spiritus (city) 100.00 CUC
Cayo Santa Maria 120.00 CUC
Cayo Guillermo 40.00 CUC
Santa Lucia 70.00 CUC
Don Lino 50.00 CUC
Guardalavaca 70.00 CUC
Las Tunas (city) 100.00 CUC
Moa 200.00 CUC
Bayamo 100.00 CUC
Guantanamo (city) 100.00 CUC
Baracoa 250.00 CUC
Marea Del Portillo 200.00 CUC
In case clients are involved in a road accident they must immediately report the incident to the police and obtain a complete police statement concerning the accident.
Breakdown vehicle assistance:
Please check that you are provided with breakdown/vehicle assistance provision and telephone numbers from Cubatur - REX at the time of vehicle collection.
Return of the Vehicle:
Client has to return the car according to the agreed date, time and station.
If the vehicle returned to a different location than agreed, Cubatur - REX may charge a "one way fee".
Vehicle has to be returned in the same conditions as when was rented.
If vehicle is returned with damages, Cubatur - REX will charge client according to the insurance police and rental conditions
Any extension of the rent should be requested directly to Cubatur - REX.
In case of not dropping off the car on the arranged date a penalty of CUC 400.00 will automatically be applied.
Additional Charges:
Loss of the key: 200.00 CUC
Key forgotten in the car (Havana): 50.00 CUC
Key forgotten in the car (outside Havana): 100.00 CUC
Car delivered dirty and animals transportation: 50.00 CUC
Car delivered by the additional driver: 50.00 CUC
Car delivered or used by a non-registered person: loss of the deposit and the remaining days
Traffic Violations:
Parking tickets and any traffic violations are the responsibility of the client. Police will write on rental agreement if fines are payable. Clients should never pay any fines on the spot. Fines are payable to Cubatur - REX when car is returned.